RUCIKA GAS is a reliable piping system with special characteristics and is suitable for home connection applications and the main pipeline distribution of the Gas, Natural Gas, LPG & Biagas networks because it is made of Medium Density Polyethylene (PE 80) with yellow color and High Density Polyethylene (PE 100) in an orange color. Rigorous testing & quality control throughout the production process under the ISO 9001: 2008 quality management system ensures RUCIKA GAS is a very reliable and effective pipe and fitting for gas distribution systems.

RUCIKA GAS provides several homogeneous and leak-free connection systems, namely Electro Fusion and Butt Fusion connection systems.
Electro Fusion Fittings consist of Coupler, Equal Tee, Reducer, End Cup, Tapping Saddle, Branching Saddle and many more types of fittings offered that will facilitate the design of gas networks in the field and maintenance.

RUCIKA GAS is made of MOPE material (PE 80) in yellow and HOPE material (PE 100) in orange, which has a low crack level (Rapid Crack Propagation) which is low, strong and able to bend without cracking, thus creating a gas pipeline system which is maintenance free and has a life time of more than 50 years.
PE pipe material used is:
– PE 80 (SOR 11) with a maximum gas pressure of 4 bar at 20 ° c
– PE 100 (SOR 17.6) with a maximum gas pressure of 6 bar at 20 ° c