RUCIKA BLACK is a reliable piping system with special characteristics and is suitable for drinking water applications because it is made of Polyethylene (PE). The material has a high level of elasticity and a low level of cracking, so it has a life time of more than 50 years. RUCIKA BLACK pipes are available in the form of bars and coils, facilitating the transportation & installation process. The connection system can be with Fusion Welded Joints (Butt Fusion & Electrofusion) and Mechanical Compression Joints. WAVIN BLACK consists of PE-100, with a design stress of 8 MPa. Produced with outer diameter ranging from 20 mm to 630 mm.

RUCIKA BLACK pipes are designed for water transportation & distribution, as well as industrial, agricultural and plantation needs. With special characteristics, it allows RUCIKA BLACK to be used in a variety of conditions to drain water such as underwater pipelines, for relining drainage & drinking water pipelines, as well as installing pipes in difficult areas (waterlogging, swamps, earthquake areas, areas labile, and so on.