Rapid population / settlement and industrial growth results in reduced water catchment areas. This puts a huge burden on the environment and existing drainage systems in residential areas. During the rainy season where heavy rains often occur, the flow of rain water will exceed the capacity of the existing drainage and sewer system and this will pose a risk to the health and property of the community. has developed a new system to overcome this, namely AquaCell, a rainwater control system.

The AquaCell system can be used separately or connected to other systems such as roof drainage, road drainage, canals and other drainage systems. The AquaCell unit can be used for temporary water storage, where the structure of the AquaCell underground unit is wrapped in a waterproof geomembrane. Functioning as infiltration wells, AquaCell can also be used as an alternative to rainwater disposal by absorbing rainwater into the ground, so it is necessary to wrap permeable geotextile. That way AquaCell provides a Green concept and a special solution to meet the needs of rainwater management for the development of housing, civil, and infrastructure, so that it can support environmental sustainability by applying the principles of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (3R).